I have a long transit stay, will airline provide me hotel?

It depends! Most airlines do not these days, however, some will do depending on number of factors. Let’s say you are traveling with Emirates and there are two connections available at the time of your booking, one connection has 5 hour stay and other has 16 hours, now, if you have booked 16 hours stay intentionally then airline will not provide you hotel stay claiming it as your own choice. However, if there is no other connection available then it’s always good to ask our call center staff about the hotel.

If there has been a delay during your first flight, which is airline’s fault then it’s airline’s duty to find you another suitable connection or provide you hotel stay at transit airport. Not all transit airports have hotels inside the airport and airline cannot do much if there is not hotel inside airport and if the airport country requires you to obtain a transit visa before landing in that country.

I want to change the time and date on booking, what should I do?

We will need to find you another flight. Flights situation changes all the time and it will be best to call our call center number to get your time and date changed. As a word of advise, always ask for fare rules while purchasing a ticket, some airlines do not charge change fee if you book in same class and if you book certain number of days before your departure, other airlines charge a change fee and if there is difference in fare classes then customer has to pay the fare difference as well.

I want to cancel my booking, what should I do?

Please speak to our call center staff. Normally, it depends on fare rules of your ticket. Some ticket are not cancellable, it will be best to ask about it before you purchase the ticket.

I want to enquire about checked baggage, how much I can take with me?

Normally, this information is printed on your ticket, if you are unable to find it then please call on our call center number to ask about it.

Am I 100% financially protected? What if airline goes bust and I am in another country?

All our tickets are issue by IATA certified agent and are 100% ATOL protected, in case of any problem such as airline going bankrupt, ATOL is responsible for bringing you back. This rarely happens, however, in this case we will take the matter ourselves and will see the process to get you back to United Kingdom but in some cases we loose contact with our oversees customers, in that case please call on our call center number to get back in touch!

The OnTime Advantage

At Ontime Travel, our team is made up of highly knowledgeable professionals who are passionate about travel and helping others realize their travel goals. We will guide you through the booking process and help you meet your travel needs in the most complete manner. Whether you want to simply schedule a flight, want cheap tickets or an all-inclusive holiday to one of our destinations, we can help you with it all.

As our name suggests, we at OnTime Travel are dedicated to providing you, our customer, with prompt and efficient services for your travel needs. Keeping this in mind, our flight bookings are guaranteed to provide you with the best deals possible to cut down on costs, and booking a tour package with us will ensure that you get the best value for your money. As our past customers will attest to, we are committed to ensuring that your trip is a pleasant one, and customer satisfaction is a paramount driving force for our workforce.

Top Notch Security

OnTime Travel not certified by the Air Travel Organisers Licensing (ATOL) but All Flight provided by Ontime Travel are ATOL protected through our flight issuing agency so you can rest easy and leave your travel arrangements in our capable hands. We take our customers privacy and safety very seriously, so we also employ additional measures to ensure that you are protected at all times, and we do not give out any sort of traveller or personal information to third parties. All data and information given to us is secure within our encrypted systems, so you can be confident and entrust us with your travel plans.

Customer Service

Our well qualified customer service agents are available 24 hours a day for six days a week on multiple platforms: telephone, email, Skype as well as Facebook. Highly trained travel professionals, our customer service agents speak several international languages and are ever ready to assist you with all of your queries and requests.

You can reach us by phone at 0203-371-1133 or 0161-870-6778, and by email at info@ontimetravel.co.uk.