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Turkey - A blend of different cultures and civilizations. It is a country having connections with both Eastern Europe and Western Asia thus it is influenced by both the cultures.

Turkey is considered as one of the most visited tourist destinations. There any many national and international airports in Istanbul including the famous international airports at Antalya, Ankara and Izmir. 

Later influenced by Aeolians, Dorian’s, Ionian Greeks and followed by Thracians and Persians.

The process of Turkification started in the 11th century after the fall of Roman Empire and arrival of Seljuk Turks. In 13th century, the Ottoman Empire strengthened it.

The old Greek village of Sirince shows warmth of Turkish heritage with vineyards, fields, orchards and olive groves.

Adaland and Aqua Fantasy are world famous water parks in Turkey for breathtaking and spine chilling rides as Black Thunder and Kamikaze.

Kusadasi is famous for its Bird Island or Pigeon Island. There is an enchanting museum inside the Byzantine Castle to remind you of great Ottoman Empire.

Pamukkale is considered to be the natural wonder of the world as it is made of white cliffs with scallop shaped basins of water and frozen waterfalls.

The breathtaking springs are known as Cleopatra’s pool where one can take a dip and relax or look at awe at the snowy cascade flowing from the cliffs.

It is surrounded by blossomed flowers and collapsed roman columns at the bottom.

One can enjoy beautiful Turkish night at Caravanserai where there is wine and beer served with beautiful Turkish music in the background and belly dancers or traditional dancers dancing to make the evening exciting and fun filled.

The relaxing Hamams in Turkey are famous for their unique style Turkish Baths.

The tellak (person who does massage) massages and exfoliates your skin with coarse mitt while you lay on a heated stone table “the goebektasas” and relax in the steam room.

Turkey is the largest heritage of Ottoman cuisine, which is a refinement and fusion of Central Asian, Caucasian, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and Balkan cuisines.

The awesome Turkish cuisine is famous today throughout the world. Turkey is very famous for the spices and the cured meat. They use a cured and BBQ meat with pomegranate, figs and couscous.

The famous cup is basically chunks of grilled lamb and fat loved by people from all over the world.

The Turkish icecream cannot be forgotten for its distinct flavor and taste. Gozleme, the special Turkish pancakes are worth eating with sweet syrups. Special fruit wines made in the Vineyards of Turkey are famous throughout the world. 

The Turkish delights, Baklava, is a product of Turkey made from filo pastries, sugar syrup, crushed nuts and hot oil to make a layered mouthwatering crispy sweet treat.


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Istanbul – known primarily for its Byzantine and Ottoman architecture. Ataturk Airport in Istanbul is turkey’s latest airport.

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The beautiful city of Izmir is connected to the world with the Adnan Menderes International Airport.

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