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With OnTime Travel, you can enjoy the vacation you rightfully deserve. A trip to Nigeria is just the change in scenery to take your mind off the mindless din f the city. With magnificent National Parks and Museums, a trip to Nigeria with OnTime Travel is sure to captivate you. We provide cheap flights to Nigeria to help you explore the rich bounty of this country.

Places to Visit While in Nigeria

Nigeria has a number of places one can travel to while taking a trip to the country. Some of the best known tourist attractions that Nigeria provides are:

  • Nigeria has some of the most renowned national parks and wildlife conservatories in the world. With a huge range of places to choose from, it is easy to indulge in the vast wildlife the country has to offer. Some of the most famous national parks in the country include the Chad Basin National Park, the Cross River National Park, the Gashaka-Gumti National Park, the Kainji National Park, the Kamuku National Park, the Okomu National Park, the Old Oyo National Park and the Yankari National Park. From elephants to lions, the parks have a vast array of wildlife that will keep you rooted to Nature.
  • If you have the wish for cultural tourism, you can choose from the huge number of museums that are dotted throughout the country. Some of the most well known museums in Nigeria include the Benin City National Museum, the Esi? Museum, the Gidan Makama Museum, the Jos Museum, the Kaduna Museum, the Kanta Museum, the National Gallery of Modern Art, the Nigerian National Museum, the Oron Museum, the Owo Museum and the Uli Beier Museum.
  • One of the most well-known tourist activity that Nigeria has to offer is the hiking trails along the Shere Hills near Jos. The massive hills are made from granite and are covered in imperfections that are marvellous to watch. For hiking enthusiasts, this is guaranteed to be the trip of a lifetime due to the gorgeous hills and the superb view. 

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With a variety of experiences lined up for you to indulge in, Nigeria is one of the most fun countries in Africa that you can visit. With plenty to keep you enthralled, your next trip here will be full of memories that can be cherished for a lifetime. Call us at 0161-870-6778 to book your flights to Nigeria