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Lahore - The capital of the province Punjab is the second largest city of Pakistan. Known as the city of gardens, Lahore carries a rich cultural heritage. This historic city is blended with the modern world of development and the hospitality and the wit of Lahori people can compel any visitor to make Lahore his own. The ‘Allama Iqbal International Airport’ in Lahore is beautiful and is a popular destination for cheap flights from all over the world. Located on the outer side of Lahore, you can straight away get the feel of the green Punjab province as soon as you get out of the airport and look at the lush green fields by the road side.

The city abounds in Mughal architecture. The Lahore Fort, Badshahi Mosque, tombs and gardens, signs of the grandeur of the Mughal era, are preserved to be seen by the visitors. These and other historical places to visit are easily accessible by road and on spot tour guides are always there to assist. Lahore environs are majestically laid with the old and new settlers in co-existence. The old walled city within Lahore is typically styled with narrow streets and population bursting at its seams, while the outside walled area called modern Lahore offers modern multi-storied buildings, world renowned hotels, restaurants, malls and huge markets. 

The transport system in Lahore is very effective offering buses and rickshaws along with the modern Metro Transport Systems touching all the main areas of the city. Taxi Cab services are also available by just a phone call. The city is also connected by rail, road and air to the other various parts of the country. The beautifully built motorway from Lahore to Islamabad and Peshawar has enabled Lahore to be accessible much more convenience from the northern areas of Pakistan.  

Lahore is specifically famous for its extensive cuisine and the love of food Lahori people have. You will find that food streets and restaurants are at all times filled with happy and chanting public. Do not miss the famous mouth-watering ‘Phajjay kai Paye’ near the Shahi Qila, ‘Chikkar Cholay’ at Lakshmi chouk, fish from Mazang Street and fresh delicious ‘Almond Milk’ and ‘Lassi’ available everywhere. Lahore is no doubt a foods heaven. 

Do not forget to visit the ‘Gate closing Ceremony’ at Wagah Border between Pakistan and India, where brave giants in uniforms raise their toes above others heads and perform the lowering of flag ceremony – an act unparalleled to any other in the world. 

Allama Iqbal Airport Lahore
Lahore Badshahi Mosque

Lahore Travellers Choice of Airlines

  • Pakistan International Airlines PIA
  • Etihad Airways
  • Emirates
  • Qatar Airways

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