Cheap Flights to Islamabad

Islamabad - The beautiful capital of Pakistan, offers a unique blend of natural scenic beauty and elements of modern day living.

The beautiful ‘Benazir Bhutto International Airport’ in Islamabad is a destination to cheap pakistan flights from all over the world thus making Islamabad a beautiful gateway to the north.

This gateway connects the whole world to the breath-taking and picturesque northern areas of Pakistan. These northern areas with untouched beauty invite mountain expeditions and sightseeing hikers from all over the world.

Your cheap flight to Islamabad Airport can be the start of your journey to the endless sights of some of the highest mountains of the world, vast glaciers, world’s awesome highest plateaus, wildlife reserves and roads leading to fairy lands and green meadows.

Islamabad has been rated among the top ten most beautiful capital cities around the world.

With a wide variety of seasons all the year around, Islamabad has much more to offer. The city has immensely developed in terms of business, housing and industry and has grown into an emerging and bustling metropolis of Pakistan.

It is a quiet and planned urban city with wide roads and neatly populated sectors. Islamabad offers an effective intercity metro bus transport services along with effective and readily available Taxi Cab Services for movement inside the city.

It is home to some of the world’s renowned hotels like Serena and Marriott and number of motels and guest houses for a comfortable stay. Visitor from abroad can easily find a hotel that can match their range of affordability.

With various shopping malls, the capital offers all the big and known brands in the world. The extensive and delicious Pakistani cuisine is offered in high end restaurants as well as on the streets.

The famous ‘Savour Pulao’, ‘Chappal kabab’ and ‘mutton karahi’ from Shanvari, exotic and famous bakeries like ‘Tehzeeb’ along with the best sweet shops available make Islamabad a food paradise.

The walking tracts on Marghalla Hills that lead to the famous hilltop spot ‘Peer Suhawa’, offer the best panoramic views of Islamabad from the top.

The famous ‘Faisal Mosque’ and the beautiful depiction of village life at ‘Saidpur’ Village are worth seeing.

At an hour’s drive, there is a renowned hill station ‘Muree’ where you can enjoy the beautiful weather in the most heated summers and sights that can simply take your breath away.

Islamabad Placed at a central axis, nearly all world heritage sites in Pakistan are also approachable from Islamabad be it Buddha’s remains in Taxila, or the dug up pre-historic remains in the Photohar plateau.

In short, art galleries, museums, viewpoints and parks in Islamabad combined with its scenic restaurants and eating places that offer ravaging exotic foods and drinks, are what make it a place worth to visit.

Islamabad Travellers Choice of Airlines

  • Pakistan International Airlines PIA
  • Shaheen Air
  • Etihad Airways
  • Emirates
  • Qatar Airways
  • Saudi Airline
  • Turkish Airways
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