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London To New Delhi

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    Dep: 26th Dec 2019

    Ret: 9th Jan 2020

    Offered: 01 hours ago

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Chicago To Ahmedabad

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    Dep: 30th Dec 2019

    Ret: 3rd Feb 2020

    Offered: 01 hours ago

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Cheap Flights to India

India - Owner of the magnificent eighth wonder of the world ‘Taj Mahal’; land of temples, shrines, beaches, deserts and spellbinding palaces.

With a civilization, that is more than 5000 years old, despite of being influenced by different cultures, Indians maintained their identity and rich cultures.

Being the birthplace of religions including Sikhism, Jainism, Sufism and Buddhism and Hinduism (being the oldest), India becomes even more interesting.

Today India is one of the leading travel destinations for people who want to taste the blend of culture, heritage, art, music and traditional food.

India is connected to the world by its international airports at Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and Bangalore.

The easiest way to travel in India is through buses or trains but the major cities can be reached by air as well.

The famous Yatra of religious places is considered a blessing for rejuvenation of shattered souls and a must for visit once in life.

There are more than 28 holy sites in India where different lords have born and are considered to be lucky for the tourists who visit them.

The most famous of those temples are the Vaishnodevi, Benares, Badrinath and Prayaga.

Ruins from the Mughal era along with places having an architecture inspired by the Mughal era, are a must to visit.  

‘Taj Mahal’ considered as the symbol of love is also a memorial from the Mughal period. 

Do not forget to take the awesome desert trips arranged for tourists and get the royal treatment by riding on camels and enjoying barbeque meats in the dessert. The biggest tourist attraction during the summer season includes more than 27 picturesque beaches.

Goa and Kerala are one of the most famous and renowned beaches of India. These beaches have many interesting resorts along them.  You can relax in the spa, do some yoga, have a ride on an elephant, lie on the beach to catch tan or have fun in the water on these beaches. You can easily get Continental, Spanish, Italian, French or Indian food on these beaches to enjoy.

The scrumptious ‘Indian masala tikka/ tandoori chicken’ and ‘biryani’ are world renown cuisines and are a must to eat if you are in India. Not to forget the famous ‘gola ganda’ and ‘paan’ that will sooth you and give you an experience like never before. The food in India is generally cheap, convenient and available on the streets in abundance. 

India is a heaven as far as entertainment and relaxation is concerned and the Indian film industry, known as Bollywood, is widely acclaimed in the world. The cinemas are jam packed on release of any new movie. Do not forget to watch a Hindi Movie in cinema to see the typical story of a hero, heroine and a villain, with catchy tunes and dances. Generally, many concerts of singers as well as ‘qawwali’ programs are held in all big hotels where people from all over the world gather to get solitude in Sufism and explore their souls. 

‘Ayurveda’, a holistic approach to heal the shattered and sick souls to relieve them of all the stress and worry, has its origin here so do not forget to benefit from the famous ‘Ayurveda shalas’ or ‘Ayurveda spas’. They are famous for their healing properties and help people who are worn out of their daily strenuous lift and work stress and want something very soothing and relaxing.

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Cheap Flights to Delhi

Delhi – The capital of India is a Travelers’ treasure for those who love exploring historical places.

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Cheap Flights to Mumbai

Mumbai – The famous city of India that offers a cosmopolitan and diverse lifestyle.

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Cheap Flights to Bangalore

Bangalore – The city that is full of enchanting gardens and breathtaking serene parks.

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Cheap Flights to Chennai

Chennai – The most famous city of India and is ranked amongst the top tourist destinations in the world.

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Cheap Flights to Kolkata

Kolkata – The capital of west Bengal state is famous for its literary, artistic, and revolutionary heritage.

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India Travellers Choice of Airlines

  • Air India
  • Etihad Airways
  • Emirates
  • Qatar Airlines
  • Omar Air
  • Turkish Airlines

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London To New Delhi

    Dep: 26th Dec 2019   Ret: 9th Jan 2020
    Airline: BRITISH-AIRLINES   Offered: 01 hours ago

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Chicago To Ahmedabad

    Dep: 30th Dec 2019   Ret: 3rd Feb 2020
    Airline: DEFAULT   Offered: 01 hours ago